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Honeywell Intermec SR61B Solo SR61B1D-002

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Producent: Honeywell
Kod produktu: SR61B1D-002


The Intermec SR61 handheld scanner family is built for rugged applications in warehouse, distribution and industrial manufacturing, and also supports proof of delivery and point of service applications. With a high impact housing that is virtually impenetrable and a solid state design, the SR61 exceeds industrial and military standards and can be counted on to perform well in harsh environments where dust, moisture or extreme temperatures are constants and operational uptime is critical. Choose between a linear area imager or laser scan engine, both of which allow for fast scanning of virtually all 1D bar code symbologies. With both scan engines rated at greater than 200 scans per second, the SR61 linear scanner delivers the rapid performance you need for point-of-service applications. And advanced capabilities, such as support for data manipulation (data parsing), increase scanner flexibility and ensures seamless integration with your existing application infrastructure. With multiple scanning configurations, including tethered or wireless connectivity, the SR61 linear scanner can be tailored to your environment—whether this includes reading specific bar code symbologies or decoding poor quality or damaged symbols. Support for both legacy 1D bar code symbologies, as well as today’s most commonly used 1D symbologies such as GS1, ensures reliable performance in your tough applications. The flexibility of the SR61 family translates into increased productivity, while keeping costs down. Seamless integration with Intermec computers, printers, and standard PCs is supported. Additionally, users may connect to a multitude of host devices running inventory management, picking, shipping and receiving, cross docking, work-in-process, and pallet tracking applications. This linear scanner is part of a large family of SR61 scanners suited for a variety of rugged data capture tasks. A high performance model, utilizing the Intermec EA30 imager, adds the capability to scan virtually all 2D bar code symbologies. A non-incendive model allows for wedge-based scanning in hazardous environments commonly found in chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical production. And for optimal scanning of direct part marks (DPM), a high definition model is optimized for reading peened, chemical etched, or laser etched symbols on low-contrast metallic substrates. (For more information on the complete SR61 product line, visit: www.intermec.com/sr61.) To save time during deployment, the SR61 family includes Intermec’s exclusive EasySet™ software setup tool for fast and easy configuration and personalization of your scanner system. Quickly set security options, beeper tones and volume, specify good read and error read responses, and make many other customizations. When your processes have zero room for compromise, trust the proven SR61 industrial bar code scanner family.


1D SCANNER WITH BATTERY (SR611D scanner and battery only)

Dane techniczne

Producent Honeywell
Typ czytnika Skanery ręczne
Typ połączenia Bezprzewodowy
Przeznaczenie Przemysłowe
Rodzaj czytnika liniowy (linear imager)
Odczytywane kody kreskowe - 1D Tak
Odczytywane kody kreskowe - 2D Nie
Odczytywane kody kreskowe - GS1DataBar Nie
Odczytywane kody kreskowe - PDF417 Nie
Odczytywane kody kreskowe - OCR Nie
Wytrzymałość na upadki do 2m
Klasa szczelności IP54
Interfejs USB Tak
Interfejs RS232 Tak
Interfejs IBM Nie
Interfejs PS-2 Tak
Interfejs Bluetooth BT Tak

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Twój opiekun handlowy: Mateusz Michałowski

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